FreeHit is India’s fastest-growing fantasy app that augments your love for games with exciting prizes that culminate your love and admiration for sports. With FreeHit fantasy league, the player will stand the better chances of winning with diverse fantasy contests assorted together to triumph the art of winning with intuition, experience, reverence, and love.

In nutshell, FreeHit is a Place that rewards your sacred love for Sports. Come sign up for India's Largest Gaming App & win exciting awards in the form of rewards that depict your love for Sports. (Contest starting from 1₹)

FreeHit Fantasy rewards you for your aesthetic intuition with arousing prize money and a hell of a lot of prizes. It challenges your ingrained skills in sports and your ability to make the most out of it. The smarter you are the more of an undominated Winner you become. Trusting your Guts is the best way of proving your Sportsmanship to the world! Build a Team and Bid a farewell to the Losing.

How to play?

Success needs Strategy, Strategy requires implementation, and implementation requires a team and a smartly selected Team will bring you Success.

step 1

Choose a Match

Winning needs an occasion. Select a match from any upcoming Free Hit events.

step 2

Research well before you Search for Win

Research is the foundation upon which you pop the champagne for Celebrations. Here are a few fruitful tips that’ll substantiate your research methods.

  1. Check the Players Form.
  2. Study the Pitch.
  3. Know the condition of the match whether it supports chasing or batting first.
  4. Check the team’s past winning history at the Venue.
  5. Learn everything about your squad’s positives and negatives.
  6. Dump your Superstitions. Stay smart.
  7. The captain is your hero. He is capable of everything that makes you a winner.
step 3

“Team” Assemble

Select a total of 11 skillful players with 100 credits consisting of wicket keepers, batters, bowlers, and all-rounder. You can check the player stats by simply clicking on their images displayed for further purposes. Make a team that compensates for the “All-Rounder” label.

step 4

Contests are the Key to start your Journey

Pick a contest. The Best and the most celebratory fact about FreeHit is that it allows people from all age groups to participate and relish the Win prizes. The Winning chances of FreeHit are 100%, meaning you never walk out of Free Hit with empty hands.

step 5

Tracking makes you closer to Winning

Enjoy the match to the fullest. But also keep tracking the fantasy scorecard during intervals. The scoreboard will be updated automatically every 2 minutes.

step 6

Stay Positive

Don’t lose your cool with the match’s result. Never let your Sportsmanship fall before your result. Sorts are the best personality developers. Stay positive. Take a glance at the upcoming prospects.


Free Contests

FreeHit is a synonym for Free Contests in fantasy Games to win amazing prizes. You can participate for free and can win great amounts just by playing well.

Made in India

FreeHit is an advanced Fantasy league gaming Platform that is Made in India and made for India.

Win is Fun

FreeHit is the first and the best fantasy league platform that brought 100% prize pool distribution allowance on our contests; we assure you that your chance of winning is higher than ever! Because “Win” is always “Fun”.

You can select your Super cricketer with less credit

Unlike other un-dreaming fantasy sports platforms, FreeHit allows you to pick your favorite sport Superstar with absolutely fewer credits to build a team that is less commercial and more Inspirational.

From Screen to pocket

Win the contest! Get money! It's simple as it is.
With our instant withdrawals system, you can deposit your winning money immediately into your bank.

24/7 - 365

The supporting team of FreeHit runs against the time to help you get an amazing experience 24x7 to resolve all your queries with the best-in-industry response time.